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Advanced usages

This section provides advanced knowledge for users wishing to modify and/or service their EtcherPro. This include provisioning their EtcherPro with custom software.

Before reading further, please note that opening your device will void its warranty.

Self servicing your device

We do not recommend you to self-service your device. EtcherPro is designed with electrical and thermal constraints in mind. Opening it can cause damages to its parts and will expose you to dangerous mains power. For these reasons, opening the product will void its warranty.

If you wish to proceed, we recommend the operation to be done by a trained professional.

Before disassembly, ensure that power is completely disconnected as the EtcherPro exposes AC voltages internally.

Assembly guide

The different product internal components, and how they are assembled are presented in our internal assembly guide.

EtcherPro software customization

EtcherPro uses open-source softwares:

Deployed in an open-source Balena Fleet.

As such, it allows you to access the code, read it, modify it and run it as you want.


IMPORTANT NOTE: In order for you to run your own software on your EtcherPro, we will have to hand-over the control of your device to you. Doing so, you become responsible of the running software. Software support for your EtcherPro will be limited to the support plan available to your balenaCloud subscription.

For us to be able to hand-over the device, you will need:

  • a balenaCloud Account,
  • create an etcher-pro fleet on your account,
  • connect your etcherPro to a network with internet access.

Device hand-off procedure

Once every pre-requisite is full-filled you can contact us to ask us to move your device to this fleet, with:

  • the device UUID or Serial Number (which you will find in etcher settings on the device),
  • the full name of your fleet organization/fleet_name.

Once we have moved your device to your fleet, you will be able to run your own software on it.

At any time, you can revert back to the official etcher-pro software by deploying this fleet (you will need a balenaCloud account with microservices support). However you will still be responsible of keeping your device and software up-to-date.